Fiber ProTector - reducing cleaning costs by 75% and extending the life of carpets and upholstery

FiberProtector treated fabric Fiber ProTector reduces carpet and upholstery cleaning costs by 75% and doubles their service life.

It greatly reduces the time needed to remove stubborn stains such as coffee and red wine - saving time and cleaning chemicals.

By keeping your furnishings in excellent clean condition it maintains your brand image in the eyes of customers and visitors.

Consider what they think of dirty and grubby seats, table cloths and carpets.

When fabrics, carpets and upholstery are treated with Fiber ProTector;
  • stain removal is faster and easier saving you time and reducing the need for cleaning products
  • the need to deep clean carpets and upholstery is reduced by 75%
  • your interior furnishings look their best for longer, improving the experience of your customers and maintaining your brand
  • cleaning is faster and easier so you can consider using finer and lighter coloured fabrics
  • UV resistance is improved so that they last for longer
  • dust and dirt is more easily removed by vacuum cleaning - improving the indoor environment
Fiber ProTector is a safe and durable fabric treatment that can be used on natural and synthetic carpets and upholstery in hotels, offices, theatres, cinemas, ships, aircraft, trains - anywhere where regular cleaning or maintaining a good appearance is important.

Fiber ProTector is applied by Avogadro Limited as a full contract application service and is also available as Fabric ProTector aerosol cans for protecting carpets and upholstery at home.

How does Fiber ProTector reduce cleaning costs?

Fiber ProTector uses a polymer technology that penetrates into the fabric fibres, forming a molecular shield that provides an effective barrier against fluids, dust and debris that on unprotected surfaces would result in permanent stains.

The result is a dramatic improvement in dirt and stain resistance. Whilst stains are still wet the stain is removed using absorbent paper or cloth. If the stain has dried it may be removed using clean warm water and a sponge or cloth. Oily and greasy stains only require a mild pH detergent and water.

Look at how a treated carpet resists the penetration of red wine.

FiberProtector treated fabric The Fiber ProTector treated carpet repels the red wine so that it sits on the carpet surface instead of absorbing deep into the pile.
FiberProtector treated fabric The spilled wine is easily cleaned up with an absorbent cloth.
FiberProtector treated fabric With minimal effort red wine has been cleared away and the carpet is unmarked.

How is Fiber ProTector fabric protection applied?

The application of Fiber ProTector can be undertaken in different ways depending on where the carpet, fabric or upholstery is. It can be applied when the fabric is produced either by spray or padding application. It can be applied during the washing of textiles such as uniforms and table cloths. It is frequently applied by spray application when the carpets, fabric or upholstery are already in place in offices, hotels, theatres and trains.

For home use Fiber ProTector is available in aerosol cans.

Please contact us to discuss the best application method for you or to find your nearest stockist.

Fiber ProTector is safe for wool carpets too

WoolSafe logo Fiber ProTector can be used on synthetic and wool carpets. It has been tested and approved by WoolSafe.